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Laura Wasser

Print exclusive: Laura Wasser, Hollywood’s divorce queen

The lawyer who brokered Brad and Angelina’s break-up, as well as countless other A-list divorces, surprisingly still believes in happy endings – but, on her terms. CARINA CHOCANO meets LAURA WASSER, Hollywood’s most in-demand “disso queen”, to find out what fires her up and how she’s helping women to take back the power.

When Laura Wasser was growing up in Beverly Hills in the 1970s and 1980s, she watched her friends’ parents go through miserable divorces. “It was the Reagan era, the era of Kramer vs. Kramer,” she recalls. “There was a lot of wealth, a lot of drugs, a lot of new money and some really ugly divorces. People were burning the house down.” Beverly Hills was a small community then, with a limited number of practices specializing in family law, so her father, a prominent divorce attorney, often ended up representing them, and occasionally Wasser suffered the consequences. “I’d go to a friend’s bar mitzvah or sweet 16 and the mom would go, ‘Oh. Wasser. You’re at the bad table.’”

Photography Matthew SproutFashion editor Jill Lincoln & Jordan Johnson

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