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How to Spring Clean Your Kitchen, According to Experts

From a wellness blogger’s remodel to professional home organizing advice, here’s what to keep in mind when spring cleaning your kitchen.

Materials Matter

Wellness blogger and recipe developer Alison Wu remodeled her Portland kitchen with a minimalist ethos and low-maintenance lifestyle in mind. The resulting design makes it easy to keep things clean and tidy. “My kitchen is essentially my office and also the heart of the house,” says Wu. “I wanted to create a space that’s welcoming, beautiful, functional, and inspiring.” 

Her new kitchen (pictured above) features marble countertops, even though she received multiple warnings about marble care. “Acids like lemon, vinegar, and tomatoes can stain marble easily,” says Wu. But she’s happy she stuck with her vision. “Personally, I love the way marble ages. The stains tell a story over time, and I think lend to a beautiful aged look. It’s definitely not for everyone. If you are a particularly messy cook, I would suggest going with something more forgiving like quartz or granite.”

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