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Melissa Rivers is the sum total of many parts. As the daughter of comedy legend, Joan Rivers, and iconic television producer, Edgar Rosenberg, we’ve watched her amass an impressive list of accomplishments throughout her life including champion equestrian, entertainment journalist, red carpet and fashion correspondent, television host, award-winning producer and, most recently, New York Times best selling author. Rivers restless energy, strong sense of compassion and wry humor have carried her through some very public highs and lows and provided her with the strength and savvy to continue her greatest role, single mother to her son Cooper.

What inspires your supercharged approach to life?

As amazing as it is to have inherited my parents’ work ethic and curiosity about anything and everything, I’ve also inherited their total and complete fear of having nothing to do. With Cooper going to college in the fall, I started feeling anxious about too much free time, but then realized I can fill it by continuing to be the loudest mom in the stands at his Lacrosse games.

How did Fashion Police hone your skills in front of and behind the camera?

Having had the unique opportunity to experience both sides of the camera during my 20+ years hosting and producing Fashion Police made me better at both jobs and gave me a real appreciation of all that is involved in creating a live show. Plus, I was smart enough to realize that when I was working with my mom I was learning from the best.

What are your takeaways from authoring and curating 2015’s The Book of Joan and last years hit, Joan Rivers Confidential?

Though each book was a completely different experience, they were both cathartic. Writing BOJ allowed me to laugh, cry and laugh again. To find joy in those dark moments saved me. Curating Joan Rivers Confidential was a much more challenging project emotionally because I wasn’t just looking back at her career, but at the life of my family. Plus, it was imperative that I make my mom look good so I wouldn’t be struck down by a bolt of lightning. It ended up being a book filled with joy.

How does continuing your mother’s creative legacy with Joan Rivers Classics Collection feed your aesthetic sense?

I’m so lucky to collaborate with David Dangle and continue the work he and my mother began 25 years ago on QVC. The archive of amazing pieces they created combined with his innate sense of cutting-edge design is allowing us to move forward with
just the right blend of classic and current style that defined my mom.

What new and newsworthy?

I’m thrilled to have three shows going to pilot, but, knowing my luck, they’ll all start shooting at the same time. I’m also incredibly excited about the relaunch of my website last month where I introduced an online diary that comes with a warning disclaimer and started a new platform called Ask Mel, where I promise to dispense really bad advice. Additionally, I’m working on a live multimedia project with Mills Media Creative that we are hoping to tour by end of 2019.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

You know, the usual. Tall, thin, abs of steel…
FB: @OfficialMelissaRivers
Twitter: @mel_rivers

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