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I don’t get into politics but …

I don’t get into politics but ... my neighbor says that regarding the Coronavirus she believes Donald Trump, not Dr. Fauci. Hmmmm ... let’s see ... one of them is a scientist and doctor specializing in immunology and pandemics, and the other, hosted a game show. That I was on. ...


Dear Diary: My OCDs are now kicking in. This morning I washed my hands. Off.


Dear Diary: No baseball. No tennis. No hockey. No basketball. I’m a sports fan, and I’m going nuts. Last night I was up ‘till 3:00 in the morning watching replays of middle school bowling tournaments on You Tube. HELP!!!!!

Zoom bombed

Well, I FINALLY got Zoom bombed. It was awful. I’ve heard about meetings being bombed by people cursing, or dropping their pants, or screaming and yelling, but it never happened to me ... until today. I was on a Zoom conference call with my accountants and business managers when all of a sudden ...

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