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A Face Massage Might Be the Best Thing You Can Do For Yourself Today

It’s the ultimate self-care and beauty benefit hybrid.

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of being mid-facial when your aesthetician begins to incorporate a face massage into your treatment, then you know. Those initial internal giggles at your face getting slapped and kneaded quickly melt away into sheer bliss, because it just feels so good. After all, our faces are full of muscles that we use for everything – talking, eating, thinking, stressing (that’s a full time job for some of us these days) – so it makes sense that we’re holding tension in those overworked muscles and that rubbing that tension away would offer much-needed relief. But now, we’ve got to relieve that stress ourselves.

Facial massage is commonplace in French skincare routines as well as in many Eastern cultures, but much to our detriment, most Americans don’t incorporate it into our daily skincare rituals. But if there’s ever been a time to take a page from these cultures’ self-care guidebooks, it’s now!

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