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melissa rivers' group text podcast

Welcome to the official website of Mother, TV Producer, Red Carpet Fashion Expert & New York Times Best Selling Author Melissa Rivers

group text
group text

Melissa Rivers' Group Text

Melissa’s podcast where she shares whatever she & her friends are texting about…This includes everything from fashion on the Red Carpet & the annoying number of “reboots”, to being an empty nester & so much more. Hear unvarnished truths from some of the funniest & best in the business. You won’t want to miss this!


I thought I was getting a terrific suntan, but it turned out my liver spot had just grown.


It's inconsiderate that Memorial Day kicks off the unofficial outdoor barbecue season, but never includes a tribute to Joan of Arc.

Memorial Day

She's kissed so many sailors, her lips go in and out with the tide.

Fleet Week

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